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WokePolls: Freedom and Flag or Defund and Demolish . . . you tell us. Plain and simple, no games and certainly nothing Woke here. In fact, nothing woke, nothing extreme, no liberal bias or fake news. You will see no cancel culture, no MSNBC, no censorship, or political correctness.

We created WokePolls for one simple reason. To provide our readership a community where they can share their unfiltered thoughts on today’s hot button issues through our daily polls.

We will deliver directly to your email in-box insightful and at times humorous (because we can’t avoid some humor in this world of woke) polls to get the juices flowing and engage our readership.

Every day we know you are worried about the direction of the country. Crime, rioting, failing schools, political corruption, dishonest reporting, lack of leadership, different rules for Washington D.C. and everywhere else. It’s easy to get discouraged.

But let us reassure you, you are far from alone. Tens of millions of Americans share your concerns. Our goal is to take the pulse of our national, well-informed audience of concerned Americans so you can see where you stand.

But we also know you don’t live by politics alone. (Who can?!) So we also want to know what you think about Music, Travel, College Football, Current Events, Trivia, Old Movies, and 1970s Sit-Coms and Who Deserves to Be in the Hall of Fame. All of that and lots more – so you can remember a simpler, more wholesome time Reach out to let us know what you think of our daily polls. If you have a great poll idea, let us know . . . . We’d love to hear from you, Thank you for supporting our efforts and joining us on this journey. Thank you