Should there be tampon dispensers in male restrooms?

Fox News reported that Western Carolina U placed a tampon dispenser funded by student fees in a male restroom on campus.


You never know when your period will start.


Let them bleed.

The video of the tampon dispenser in the men’s room in Western Carolina University has gone viral. Inscription on the dispenser states that it is part of a pilot program under the university’s Division of Student Affairs.

“I, along with a majority of the student body, feel this is an absolute waste of our resources,” said the student who took the video.

Calls for women’s sanitary products in the men’s room are not new among the liberals, who view the gender as “fluid”, often claiming that men can menstruate. In 2019, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) issued calls for tampons to be included in men’s bathrooms.