Should the unvaccinated lose their citizenship?

French President Macron said he did not consider the unvaccinated to be citizens and vowed to “p*ss them off”


It’s better than rotting in a FEMA camp.


No Government shouldn’t deny rights because of vax status

Macron says he would make life miserable for those who are unvaccinated. “We have to tell [the unvaccinated] … you will no longer be able to go to a restaurant, you will no longer be able to go for a coffee, you will no longer be able to go to the theater, you will no longer be able to go to the cinema. We will continue to do this, to the end. This is the strategy,” the French President said in an interview.

Although no country has gone to the lengths of stripping the citizenship of the unvaccinated yet, they face other types of persecution. This includes fines, and even prison time, for refusing to get vaccinated. Many countries are denying the unvaccinated access to public places. Some are imposing lockdowns exclusively for people who didn’t take the jab.

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