Is it now politically incorrect to call those who live in the streets “homeless”?

A Rabbi wondered, after the hostage-taking by an Islamic fanatic in Colleyville, if it was safe to welcome the “unhoused” into a synagogue.


It’s less stigmatizing to say “unhoused.”


Because the hostage-taker had a home.

Political correctness is a notion that one should avoid certain words or reword them in order to not offend the feelings of certain people. For example, the CDC under the Biden administration used the phrase “pregnant people” instead of “pregnant mothers,” so as to not offend transgender and non-binary individuals.

Now, the term “homeless” is starting to be deemed politically incorrect. Terms like “houseless” and “unhoused” are being used instead. There are other eyebrow-raising variants too, such as “people who are homeless”, “people experiencing homelessness,” etc.

People behind this movement say that it could address the stigma associated with homeless people, who are mostly in that position due to poverty or mental illness.

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