Does requiring photo identification discourage voting?

Critics or Georgia’s updated voting laws say it os discriminatory and designed to discourage black voting. Biden compared to to “Jim Crow” laws.


If you’re not eligible to vote.


Everyone has a photo ID.

A great many states in the US already require photo ID for voting, such as Texas, Georgia, and Florida. Some of the states require a non-photo ID. And states such as New York, California, Pennsylvania, etc, do not require any form of ID.

Comparing the voter turnout in the 2020 election between two battleground states, Florida has a turnout of 71.7% while Pennsylvania has a 71.1% turnout.

This suggests that photo ID requirements do not impact voter turnout. Moreover, a Pew Research poll taken in September 2012 shows that 98% of respondents believe that they have the ID required to vote. This percentage is nearly unchanged across Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

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