Should Biden fire himself for calling FoxNews journalist Peter Doocy a “stupid SOB”?

Joe Biden cursed that the journalist for asking a question about the impact of inflation on midterm elections. He later called Doocy to “clear the air” but made no apology, let alone chastise himself for such crude and disrespectful behavior. It was the second time Biden has used “stupid” to describe either a journalist’s question or, in this case, the journalist himself.


Biden, at the start of his term vowed that he would “fire on the spot” anyone in his Administration that treated a colleague with disrespect.


Peter Doocy isn’t Biden’s colleague. He works for a living and can complete a coherent sentence.

In one of his rare press conferences, President Biden swore at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy as the latter asked a question about the record-high inflation. “Do you think inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms?” Doocy shouted as he was being shoved out by the White House staff at the end of the press conference. In response, Biden said, “No, that’s a great asset. More inflation,” before going on to say “What a stupid s** of a b****.

This is reportedly a hot mic moment as Biden had thought the mic was turned off. Doocy has stated that Biden called him after the incident to offer an apology.

Peter Doocy has a habit of asking tough questions to both Biden and his press secretary Jen Psaki while most of his colleagues shy away from it.

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