Do you use gender-neutral pronouns whenever and wherever you can?

Everyone refers to themself by own pronoun or another. Which you choose says a lot about your wokeness.


Zi always try to respect our gender pronouns.


It’s he or she for me.

Gender-neutral pronouns are pronouns that do not specify the gender of the person being talked about. The oldest gender-neutral pronouns in existence, the ones that are actually grounded in grammar, are they/them/their.

Until recent times, gender-neutral pronouns were mostly used when you do not know the gender of the person being mentioned. However, with the recent rise of transgenderism and gender inclusivity, they are used for other reasons as well. One reason is to avoid offending a transgender person by using the wrong pronoun.

Also, non-binary individuals (the ones that do not choose any gender) could be offended by gendered pronouns. There are some modern-day gender-neutral pronouns in use, such as ze/hir/hirs and ey/em/eir. There are many others as well, but none are used universally.

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