Have you used the word Latinx in polite conversation?

Biden, Harris and other Democrats seem inclined to use the invented term Latinx in place of Latino and Latina.


I use it often.


No way, Jose.

Progressives and LGBTQ activists are increasingly issuing calls to use gender-neutral language in anything and everything. However, the Spanish language, used predominantly by the Hispanics, causes a rather annoying problem to them – words in Spanish are generally categorized as either masculine or feminine. Masculine words end in “o’, while feminine words end in “a”. “Latino” is a term used to refer to Hispanics in the US – “Latino” for male (or mixed-gender/plural) and “Latina” for female.

In order to be more “inclusive,” they have called for Hispanics to be called “Latinx”, which is a gender-neutral term.

However, Hispanics in the US overwhelmingly reject or ignore the idea, with just 3% of them using the term Latinx, according to a Pew study.

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