Is actor and social commentator Russell Brand “right wing”?

Russell Brand, an actor who has amassed nearly 5 million YouTube subscribers, is now being castigated as “right wing” for appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast.


He has earned the title by advocating free speech and calling out repression by the media and elite.


He is just giving voice to the ordinary citizen in the face of attempts to squelch free expression.

Russell Brand is a British comedian and actor who is now a political commentator as well. He is known for his roles in the movies Arthur, Despicable Me 1 & 2, and Get Him to the Greek.

Brand often weighs in on US politics. While Brand is generally liberal in his ideologies, he is vocally anti-establishment and is known for offering middle-of-the-road opinions that are not always welcome with the left. For instance, in one of his Youtube videos, he denounced the Trump Russian collusion investigation by saying, “Trump was RIGHT About Clinton & Russia Collusion!!” Needless to say, the left blasted him for peddling “right wing conspiracy theories”.