Is the protest against Joe Rogan a symptom of anti-bald discrimination?

Efforts continue to deplatform Joe Rogan from Spotify.


He and Jeff Zucker are both being victimized.


It’s not because he’s bald but because he has balls.

Joe Rogan is once again the target of left-wing cancel culture, with growing calls to remove the podcast host from people such as Neil Young, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and even Biden’s White House. Initially, Rogan caused the ire of the leftwing through supposed “Covid Misinformation”, but now it has been extended to racism – Joe Rogan used the N-word in one of his podcasts but claims he was only quoting someone.

Joe Rogan can take a leaf out of the liberal playbook and claim he is being discriminated against because he is bald. Liberals have a habit of deflecting criticism by denoting it as racism, sexism, etc.

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